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Any colour or finish
At Concept Finishing we can apply a wide range of colours and finishes to large volumes of flat panels. For every contract we will agree a sample beforehand.

Consistent quality finish
Our auto lines can spray large numbers of panels with consistent results time after time to a high standard of finish.

Customer service
Once we have finished your contract all the panels will be packed onto pallets with foam interleaving and any other protection required.

Environmentally compliant
With the latest technology we are able to provide a fully compliant system and where appropriate use water based lacquers.


Your problems are our business
We thrive on challenges and are happy to work with customers to provide the perfect solution. Over the years our expertise and knowledge has grown, and we are ready to apply this to each new situation as it presents itself. We continually strive to improve our efficiency and quality to give us the competitive edge, and so give you superior products and services.

No job too big
With a 25,000 square foot factory and 5 auto lines and panel lifting equipment we can accommodate any size job from kitchen panels, fire doors to 3m x 1.3m sheets.


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